The National Mentoring Summit, an annual 3-Day event, brings together mentoring practitioners, researchers, philanthropic investors, youth leaders, government and civic leaders and Mentor Affiliates from across the country. On Friday, January 26, Trekkers Training Director Diane Sternberg and Trekkers Program Director Brandon Caron will co-present a 90-minute workshop on “Capitalizing on Strengths: Intentional Facilitation of Group Development.” 

The presentation will draw from research, best practices, and 30 years of Trekkers’ experience in the field. It will offer attendees insight into how practitioners can create a healthy cohort dynamic, assess individual and group needs, strengths, and challenges, and maximize group performance. Tickets for the Summit have sold out and over 70 have signed up to attend the Trekkers Training Institute presentation.   

The Summit celebrates National Mentoring Month. Research from Mentor last year reported: 

  • Youth who had experienced adversity while growing up were more than twice as likely to volunteer in their community and hold a leadership position in a club or sports team. 
  • 74% of those who had a meaningful mentor say that person contributed significantly to their later success in life.  
  • 85% of young people with a mentor say this key relationship has helped them with issues related to school and their education.  
  • 58% of young people say their mentor has supported their mental health.  
  • 60% of those under 40 years old are still drawing advice from their childhood mentors. 



About Trekkers Training Institute: Trekkers Training Institute (TTI) is the professional development arm of Trekkers, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping young people thrive. TTI helps youth practitioners reimagine their practice to reach better outcomes for young people. TTI offers workshops, coaching, and professional development distilled from evidence-based research and 30 years of experience serving youth in the Midcoast. To learn more about Trekkers Training Institute, visit or contact Diane Sternberg at