Emma Vachon, Class of 2010

Emma Vachon graduated from University of New Hampshire with a dual Bachelor’s Degree in International Affairs & European Cultural Studies and a minor in French Language. During one of her academic years,  Emma studied abroad in Prague, Czech Republic and Dijon, France. She also interned at a local non-profit in Portsmouth, New Hampshire called Friends Forever. This organization works to promote camaraderie, trust, and empathy among cultures in conflict. Friends Forever accomplishes this through the leadership development of participating youth from Northern Ireland and Israel in an intensive year-long program.

Emma has this to say about her Trekkers’ experience, “It’s quite difficult to sum up the positive impact Trekkers has made on my life and the decisions that I’ve made since I became an alumni. I would definitely say that through my experience with Trekkers, as a participant and a student leader, I have adopted a passion for understanding other cultures and an excitement to enter into the field of youth leadership development – because I’ve lived it! Thank you Trekkers! You will always be with me, wherever I may go!”