Many students in the community could use individual academic support during the school year. Like the One to One program, Trekkers views tutoring as an opportunity to provide students a safety-net of support beyond expeditions. You do not need previous tutoring or teaching experience to volunteer as a tutor.

What is my role as a tutor?

We ask that you:

  • Consistently attend scheduled meetings.
  • Offer your student encouragement and positive feedback.
  • Communicate with Trekkers staff and the student’s parents about progress, concerns and any other relevant information.

Time Requirement:

The time and frequency of tutoring sessions vary from student to student. As a tutor, you will meet with a student during times that suit both your and the student’s schedules. Some tutors meet with students once or twice a week throughout the year. Others will tutor students until their grade improves – sometimes just a few weeks.