One to One Mentoring

Trekkers created the One to One Program for students who could benefit from one-on-one mentoring from caring adults within their community. Unlike our expedition-based programs, One to One provides the necessary infrastructure for you and a student to meet, connect and build a meaningful relationship by spending time together in the community.

What is my role as a One to One mentor?

The Trekkers model was built upon the principle that programs don’t change lives, relationships do. Following this philosophy, your main priority as a One to One mentor is to build a relationship with your student. We also ask that you:

  • Be a positive role model.
  • Consistently attend scheduled meetings.
  • Relay progress, concerns and other relevant information to a Trekkers staff member and parent.

Time Requirement:

The amount of time required to be a One to One mentor varies. Some students need support during a crisis while others could benefit greatly from a mentoring relationship for months and, possibly, years. Upon submitting an application, you will meet with a Trekkers staff member to discuss the best meeting times and frequency for your schedule.